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Organisations are powerful. When people, ideas and motivations are connected in the right way, everything changes for good.


Putting purpose first

Knowing why you’re doing something unlocks everything. Starlings are driven to have a positive impact on the world and see organisations achieve their greatest potential. We work closely with all kinds of ambitious people who believe their success plays a role in the success of society. We consistently see how defining an organisation’s purpose helps motivate people and builds meaningful relationships.


Strategy and more

We design high impact strategy so organisations strengthen and grow. We create the space to listen, establish shared purpose, ask tough questions and define goals. We connect the right people to each other and bring in outside expertise when needed. We help shape internal structures and processes to increase impact. We take responsibility for the strategy coming to life, making success and revenue growth a working reality for the whole team.


Our approach

We take a professional and down-to-earth approach, working alongside or within the organisation in an intuitive and pragmatic way. Our coaching methods help teams articulate their goals and create realistic action plans for powerful growth. We provide people with the means to create an environment for inspiration, imagination and achievement. Our job is done when organisations are thriving and our departure goes unnoticed.


Good network

The Starlings’ network is buzzing with smart and successful people drawn together because they want to have a positive impact on the world. There’s an understanding that financial and societal prosperity go hand in hand. You’ll meet influential entrepreneurs, academics and experts from the business, social, environmental and media sectors. Our strategic skill involves plugging in exceptional people at the right time to make things fly.

Founder — Kathryn Maunders

Kat founded Ten Thousand Starlings in 2014 after launching and running social enterprises in the UK and South Africa. Her vision is to leverage her network to support growth-oriented businesses and social ventures articulate and achieve their vision. Kat’s wealth of experience includes time as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company. She has a BSc (Hons) in Economics & Management and a Masters in Evidence-Based Practice, both from the University of Oxford.


Good clients

We work with bold and adventurous clients who are redefining what they do and gearing up for ambitious change and growth. Here are a few examples of what we’re up to.

Scale Up Nation Logo

“Starlings get how to combine theory with practice and social impact with entrepreneurship.”

Menno van Dijk
Founder, ScaleUpNation

ScaleUpNation view social challenges as entrepreneurial opportunities — but know only initiatives that can scale will have impact. So they’re on a mission to help socially conscious impact organisations in the Netherlands master the art of scaling.

ScaleUpNation came to Starlings with the question, “When only 0.4% of start-ups scale, what drives scale-up success and can we increase those odds?”  What began as a research project, quickly evolved into a fully-fledged and funded research lab dedicated to cracking the code of scaling for impact.

“Starlings are a deep thinking, intelligent, determined, passionate and very personable team with high EQ. They are exactly who you need when dealing with sensitive or complex relationships.”

William de Laszlo
CEO, Agathos

Agathos is a private equity fund founded by William de Laszlo supporting small UK-trading businesses through times of transition. They help passionate local companies to be the best they can be — in business and their communities.

In 2016 Agathos commissioned Starlings to independently evaluate the social impact of their investments. We worked with evaluation expert Professor Paul Montgomery (University of Oxford and a Cross Whitehall Trial Advisor). Our insights motivated Agathos to double down on their efforts to bring social considerations into all their investments.

“Starlings gets inside the minds of their clients, declutters their thinking, and gives them a framework and action plan so there is confidence and hope to move forward.”

Ted Jeory
Co-director, Finance Uncovered

Nick Mathiason and Ted Jeory run a small operation in London that punches above its weight – increasing the quality and quantity of illicit finance media coverage such as the Panama Papers and Gupta Leaks.

They had a credible proof of concept supported by some large donors but craved the space and confidence to grow. With the help of Nathalie van der Ploeg (experienced media entrepreneur), we stepped out of day-to-day work and comfort zones to develop a clear strategy to strengthen, position and organically grow their organisation.

“[Starlings are] driven by impact from the heart with a solid business sense and realism at the core.”

Annerieke Douma
Director, Cities and Regions
Circle Economy

A circular economy is a framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. Pioneers Circle Economy became big news in 2018. Overwhelmed with opportunities to collaborate with others who shared a mission to accelerate circular economies across the globe, they reached out to Starlings.

We helped create a scalable model to support potential partners. Building relationships was as important as practical technical content. We ran a process to test and iterate, allowing the team to pilot the service within four months.

“Starlings combine powerful brains with great empathy. They kept me straight by reminding of the ‘why’ behind our decisions when I felt lost.”

Anouk Kooijmans

The iconic Dutch brand Nomad was founded by Bob Kooijmans in 1978 and is well loved for getting people out into the great outdoors. In 2014 a family tragedy meant Bob’s daughter Anouk became responsible for the business and its loyal employees.

With the support of family members and a team of trusted advisors including Starlings, Anouk worked skilfully through the company’s options. We helped her explore and deliver on a sale to a group of long-term investors who committed to nurturing the brand, growing the organisation and staying true to the environmental values the company holds dear.


Good reports

Here are some thoughtful, short and snappy reports that share our thinking on how organisations, businesses and purpose driven people can work together to be successful and strengthen our communities and environment in the process.

Kathryn Maunders
John Walker

Corporate responsibility doesn’t have to hurt

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