We started Ten Thousand Starlings in 2015 to house and shape services that deliver measurable outcomes for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our clients love our:

  • Smart problem solving
  • Ability to listen and understand
  • Clarity and creativity
  • Constructive challenge

Who are we?

Hello, Kathryn & John here. We co-founded Ten Thousand Starlings around a shared commitment to deploying good process to increase turnover, create value and scale impact. We believe that lasting results are generated when individuals develop the skills and confidence to build their own solutions.

We share a bit more about ourselves below.

What’s with the birds?

We are inspired by flocks of starlings – those mesmerising formations made by thousands of starlings. We take three lessons from these natural teachers.

Lesson 1 – everyone in your team matters. Each individual starling is only interacting with their five to seven immediate neighbours and that interaction is what creates the acrobatic results. We work at a personal level to build skills and confidence to create highly effective teams.

Lesson 2 – a responsive organisation adapts to the slightest change. A signal to change direction originating with a single starling can cross a flock hundreds of metres wide in a fraction of a second. We help design systems and processes that allow for flexibility and scale.

Lesson 3 – make space to be creative. Starling flocks swoop across huge distances without limitations. We expand your capacity and capability by creating space for you to reflect and make the decisions that will drive your organisation forward.

Our delivery partners

We work with delivery partners who bring skills and expertise to support your specific needs. Our partners share Ten Thousand Starlings’ commitment to quality and impact. Specialist areas include evidence-based research, design, user experience, PR, communications, legal and finance.